Teaching Suggestions for a Social Studies Lesson (Theme- Journey)

When carrying out a Social Studies lesson about countries found in Europe, the teacher can easily relate the theme Journey when using the Bee-Bot. The students will use a mat containing different countries and they will have to give instructions to the Bee-Bot to guess the answer. A quiz will be done where each group will be given hints and a choice of three countries to choose from. To give out the answer they have to lead the Bee-Bot on the appropriate country. For example: The Capital City in my country is Rome. We cook delicious spaghetti and pizza. The country is shaped like a boot.

The activity will be very helpful for the children to help them familiarise themselves with the different countries found in Europe.  Given that they will be engaging themselves through play, they will be able to remember the information gained furthermore. They most certainly would not be aware that they will be learning further skills rather than the main aim of the lesson: countries. The children will be practicing their communicative skills as they will be working in small groups while discussing the possible answers. Moreover, they will be practicing mathematical concepts whilst giving directions to the bee-bot to move.

This way the children will have the opportunity to utilise better the knowledge gained in the theme. Learning through play is fun for the children and effective as they will not get bored and get lost in something else rather than the lesson itself. During this activity the children will have the chance to participate regardless of their difficulties. The teacher must make sure that each and every child gives their part so that everyone feels included.


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